November – the time when all the trees go nude and all the grandmothers go nuts because the haven’t bought all Christmas presents yet. It’s called November (latin: novem = nine) because it used to be the ninth month of the ancient Roman calendar, only until 153 BC hoever.
For 17 years now it has been International Drum Month – an awareness campaign of the drum and percussion industry, so better go get yourself a tambourine! Okay, enough with the Wikipedia facts already.
A few years ago I started collecting songs for a November-themed playlists, which I’d like to share here. So make yourself a nice warm cup of tea, sit down and enjoy!

Gorillaz: “November has come”
The Shins: “Young pilgrims” (Acoustic Version)
Jimmy Eat World: “Futures”
Motion City Soundtrack: “Perfect teeth”
SCYCS: “Next November”
Willy Astor: “November (Instrumental)”
The Ataris: “Looking back on today” (Acoustic Version)
Bright Eyes: “When the curious girl realises she is under glass”
Moneybrother: “It might as well be winter all year long”
Regina Spektor: “On the radio”
Morrissey: “November spawned a monster”
The Postal Service: “Sleeping in”
Blackmail: “November theme” (from the Kammerflimmern OST)
Azure Ray: “November”
The National: “Mr. November” (Music starts at 1:20)
The Ryan O’Reilly Band: “November”
Tom Waits: “November”
Wyclef Jean: “Gone till November”
Say Hi: “November was white, December was grey”

You can find studio versions of all the songs and the whole playlist on Spotify.

Since I didn’t want to fit all songs from my original playlist here, I added a bonus list.


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