Today I got really angry, which rarely happens. But when it comes to the basic financial student loan/grant (in Germany it is 50-50) I applied for 6 months ago still being withhold, I do get angry (even more when I am hungry).

To keep all this anger energy from going to waste I tried to turn it into something creative, so today I drew my very first Rage Comic. This page is hosted by the Cheezburger network’s spin off site Memebase. The two best words to describe the content of those sites are, blogs and well, memes. If you are looking for a way to spend hours and hours browsing, laughing, participating, trolling and procrastinating on the internet, Cheezburger and its somewhat 50 sites (including FAIL Blog, Failbook, Enrgish Funny, This is Photobomb and the mother of all I Can Has Cheezburger?) are the right places to surf.

My Rage Comic has been submitted but not set up for voting/not been published (yet), so I’ll show it to you here.
Enjoy, and if you are enraged, just make your own!

trying to make ends meet as an average German student


2 thoughts on “In need to let off steam? Use a meme!

  1. Trollers gonna troll: @ Anna: A Rage comic per se does not classify as a meme, except of course, if the whole comic caught on as a meme in the depths of the interubes, which I doubt (sorry, Annö) ;)
    Raging nice, though, made a private one for my sis for Christmas, when I didn’t have a present and after hanging around Rage Comics for well a over a year, I can now proudly claim to be thinking in Rage comic pics in my daily life. Methinks, yours might be missing the “okay” face which is what I find myself identifying with most.

    Rage on crazy diamond!

    Your socially awkward-forever alone-foul bachelorette.

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