I am sure, in fact, I know that you are all familiar with the following situation: it seems like an elephant is standing on your head, a mean person is hiding in your room, turning the heat on and off at an irritating interval, your throat hurts so bad, someone apparently tries to cut it and on top of all that, you are convinced that tissues got invented just. for. you.
With other words: you got a nasty little cold. or worse, the flu.

Whenever I am in this unpleasant situation, I wish for not only instant medical but also for some musical relief, just like there is adequate music (or to be more presice: lyrics) comforting me whenever I am sad, tired, upset, angry, depressed or just generally irritated about the world. When I am sick, however, there seems to be no such thing as adequate music. So far I have found it near to impossible to find any. When my last cold emerged I stumbled upon that line in Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit” “I feel stupid and contagious, here we are now segregate us”. I am pretty sure Cobain wasn’t talking about teenagers making out, transmitting the flu and therefore needing to be prevent from doing so. So my search continued.

The most obvious to look into was be the band Get Well Soon by German Konstantin Gropper. The chanted “Rest now weary head, you will get well soon” in the Prelude of their first record by the same name, has something encouraging and optimistic to it, but doesn’t really show any empathy for the fevered and weak body and mind. So I dug a little deeper. Here are some of the songs I examined:

Yodelice cought my attention with his charming “Sunday with a flu” – he is dealing more with a lost love than with a stuffed nose though. In “Just the flu” NOFX are concerned about something much more serious than a scratchy throat, namely the thread of a nuclear war. “The latest type of flu” as well has, like the majority of Trip Fontaine’s songs, nothing to do with it’s title whatsoever. And for “Fever dreams” by the ever hurting Dashboard Confessional I also suspect that Chris Carabba was just happy about the metapher and actually means something or someone different and definitely non-bacterial. My favourite however is “Get sick soon” (here in a decent live version) by the wonderful Hello Saferide. As you can guess by the title, it promotes catching a cold rater than getting rid of it. But behind this is an entirely good intention: taking care of someone you like very much. If someone sang to me “Oh I love you, I wish you got the flu. You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Like a teddy bear on heroin” I wouldn’t mind catching one, really!

Now I am up for your suggestions on good songs dealing with the common cold, the (human) flu or a nasty fever. And what music soothes you when you are feverd, droop and tied to the bed? Leave a Comment!


3 thoughts on “Music for medicine?

  1. Sehr schön beschrieben. Besonders den ersten Abschnitt mag ich. Aber Get Well Soon werd ich mir auch jetzt nicht anhören.

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